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Photo Set

Spotted on filmtyping:

Suspected Death of a Minor, Sergio Martino, 1975

The upper one is a Olivetti Lettera 22

Source: filmtyping
Photo Set

Spotted on filmtyping:

Death Walks in High Heels, Luciano Ercoli, 1971

Two different typewriters, the upper one seems to be a Olivetti Lettera 22

(via jahfaby)

Source: filmtyping

Spotted at Autostadt Wolfsburg: A Olivetti Lettera 22 is one example of the design history at the museum of Volkswagen


Spotted in Mad About Machines: Dear Olive (2012): Louise Brindley uses a Olivetti Lettera 22.

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Leonard Cohen had a Olivetti Lettera 22:

My Old Flame

An olive green Olivetti 22 portable typewriter, with black keys and white letters. I bought it in London for forty pounds in 1959. It’s the same typewriter I used for my first book and my best works.

Photo Set

Spotted in Submarine (2010). Oliver Tate types on a Olivetti Lettera 22. Submitted by Chantal, thanx!



name: Stefano Meneghetti
age: 47
location: Treviso, Italy
occupation: Creative Director


  • Olivetti Lettera 22
  • LP Kraftwerk The Man Machine
  • Moleskine
  • La Pasticca del Re Sole 
  • Quaker Cruesli
  • Model Vespa 200px 
  • CD Sharg Uldusu
  • Old hanger
  • Kidrobot
  • Mark’s Ink, 
  • Kidrobot
  • Digital Camera Sony DSC-W290
  • Two-Hole Padded Punch
  • Scissors
  • Portable Phone MOMODESIGN

The third one. A Olivetti Lettera 22. Sadly, there are no more typewriters on theburninghouse

Source: theburninghouse
Photo Set

Spotted in Voyager (1991) Walter Faber uses his Olivetti Lettera to inform his girlfriend about the plane crash. Oddly, in the original novel, he uses a Hermes Baby.